The 2020 Sculptures


Relive the beauty of the 8 works featured on the inaugural New Canaan Sculpture Trail.

Passages at the Hannan-Eberstadt Preserve

“Passages”, featured seven translucent acrylic panels, each with different patterns and colors. The 10-foot tall panels were framed in steel, and provided visitors with an immersive experience as they led through the preserve’s meadow.

Artist: Thomas S. Berntsen
 Hannan-Eberstadt Preserve, corner of Smith Ridge and Canoe Hill Roads
Preserve Website:
Parking: There is a small pull-off on Canoe Hill Road, which can accommodate 3-4 cars.
Viewing/Access: Passages was placed along a mown path through the meadow. The path is accessible through an opening in the stone wall, at the northern side (Canoe Hill side) of the preserve.

basics #39 at the Colhoun Preserve


“basics #39” is part of a series of public art installations that explore the abstract notions of form, space, and utility. Created using a series of 2″x4″s, the piece was custom created to fit with the landscape and natural surroundings at the Colhoun Preserve.

Artist: Matthias Neumann
Location: Colhoun Preserve, across from 203 Davenport Ridge Road
Preserve Website:
 The Colhoun Preserve has a gravel parking area at the entrance, located through the stone wall and wooden gate.
Viewing/Access: This piece was installed in the meadow at the front of the Colhoun Preserve and was visible from the parking area.

Labyrinth at the Watson-Symington Preserve


“Labyrinth” is the only permanent installation on the New Canaan Sculpture Trail, and features a series of winding paths, delineated by hundreds of hand-placed stones. Created from material found on-site, the piece is a stark contrast the linear, historic stone walls found criss-crossing the surrounding woodlands.

Artist: Christopher Kaczmarek
 Watson-Symington Preserve, across from 110 Wellesley Drive, New Canaan

Preserve Website:
 Ample parking is available at the main entrance to the preserve, on Wellesley Drive
Viewing/Access: The installation is located towards the northern edge of the property. Once at the preserve’s trailhead, a map and accompanying signage will guide you to the installation.

After Alex-1/14 at New Canaan Town Hall


This larger-than-life kinetic sculpture is an homage to Alexander Calder, best known for his innovative mobile pieces. It consists of a series of stainless steel globes, each perfectly balanced and reflecting the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Artist: Gilbert Boro
Location: New Canaan Town Hall, 77 Main Street, New Canaan
Preserve Website: N/A
 Ample parking is available at town hall and on Main Street
Viewing/Access: The installation is located on the front lawn of the New Canaan Town hall

Ashen at the Carriage Barn


Ashen” was created specifically for the New Canaan Sculpture Trail, and used a local ash tree that recently succumbed to the invasive emerald ash borer. After carefully cutting the tree, the artist created small wooden blocks that were carefully reassembled in a pixilated, puzzle-like form, and reattached to the original tree trunk.

Artist: Anthony Heinz May
 Carriage Barn Arts Center, in Waveny Park
CBAC Website: More details available at:
 Ample parking is available at the Carriage Barn or surrounding Waveny Park lots.
Viewing/Access: This sculpture was installed in the Carriage Barn’s front courtyard.

Sugar Maple at the Livingston-Higley Preserve


Officially titled “Mecanitex – Sugar Maple”, this piece is intended to be a stylized, abstract representation of one of New England’s most iconic trees; the sugar maple. Constructed using composite materials and steel hardware, the 10-foot tall piece was a stark contrast to the surrounding trees (including some sugar maples).

Artist: Carlos Davila
Location: Livingston-Higley Preserve, at the end of Apple Tree Lane, New Canaan
Preserve Website:
Parking: Ample parking is available at the main entrance to the preserve, at the end of Apple Tree Lane
Viewing/Access: The installation was located in the main meadow of the Preserve. From the trailhead, follow the path for approximately half a mile until you reach the meadow.

Ring Tower at the Still Pond Preserve


This series of connected rings and posts soars to create a twelve-foot tall tower. The pieces is supported with a rebar frame and coated with pigmented ferro-cement, providing a rugged, yet natural appearance.

Artist: Joe Chirchirillo
 Silvermine-Fowler entrance to the Still Pond Preserve,
 763 Silvermine Road, New Canaan
Preserve Website:
Parking: Ample parking is available at the main entrance to the preserve, at the base of the driveway for 763 Silvermine Road
Viewing/Access: The installation was located near Still Pond and the newly planted Silvermine-Fowler Meadow. From the trailhead, follow the path for approximately a quarter mile until you reach the pond and meadow.

Bloom at the GreenLink Trail


This site-specific installation celebrates the blossoming and undulating patterns in nature. It is created by wrapping colorful flagging tape around acrylic panels, and is sure to catch the attention of any passers-by.

Artist: Elizabeth Knowles and William Thielen
 GreenLink Trail, between the New Canaan Nature Center and Irwin Park

Preserve Website:
Parking: Ample parking is available at either entrance to the GreenLink Trail; at either the New Canaan Nature Center or at Irwin Park.
Viewing/Access: The installation was located in the woods along the GreenLink Trail. Follow the trail from either entrance; you can’t miss it.